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Technology Use Policy

Responsible Use and Care Guidelines

1.      The school-issued device may be used 24-7.  Students losing school-issued device privileges due to a violation of these guidelines and/or the Acceptable use Policy will be responsible to check out a temporary use device from the technology center, take it to all classes for the day, and then check it back in at the end of the school day.

2.     Computing devices must be attended to or secured at all times.  Unattended devices and cases will be picked up and retained in the Principal’s office.  Devices should always be with the student and brought to class daily.  Confiscated devices may be retrieved from the Principal’s office at the end of the school day.

3.     Devices issued to students are to be used for school work and learning.  In case of device failure, students will be able to check-out a temporary replacement from the technology center at Kearney Catholic High School.  Personal devices from home cannot be used as a substitute for school-issued device as they do not have the appropriate software or settings for maximum classroom efficiency.

4.     Each student is responsible for bringing their school-issued device to class, fully charged and functioning.

5.     Students are responsible for assuring that they take the device to each class.

6.     Students must carry the school-issued device in the school-issued case when transporting it between classes or anytime it is being transported outside of the building.

7.     The device and case will have a school-issued ID or labeling that the student is responsible for maintaining.  The label must be attached and readable at all times.

8.    The student is responsible for keeping the school-issued device clean.  Proper cleaning supplies are available at the KCHS technology center.

Student Responsibilities of School-issued Device and Case

1.     Synchronization of the device is the responsibility of the student.  Following checkout each student will need to turn the device on and login at the school.  Students must act responsibility to ensure that they have synchronized documents from the network to their device for “offline” work at home.

2.     The student is responsible for assuring that information on his/her device is properly backed-up.

3.     Any cost incurred by public/personal use of the device outside of the school is the responsibility of the student (i.e. Internet access fee at a hotel, internet fees to wireless provider at home, apps for personal use).

4.     The student is responsible for managing the volume on their device so that it does not infringe upon the learning opportunities of others.

5.     If a student has a specific need for additional software, he/she must request approval and provide the software to the KCHS Tech Center for installation.  An example would be the installation of a personal printer so that students can print at home.

Termination of Device Contract Due to Damage, Student Moving, or End of Year

1.      A damaged device must be brought to the tech coordinator.  No repairs are to be attempted by anyone but school professionals, as warranties are provided with each unit. Damage of the device (either deliberately or irresponsibly) is the responsibility of the student.  It is suggested that parents place their child’s school-issued device on their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy to cover accidental and intentional damage to the school-issued device.

2.     Students who have repeated instances of device damage will be asked to check their device in at the end of each day.  Devices then may be checked out again before classes begin the next day.  Special permission to take a checked out device home for class work may be granted by the school principal.

3.     Lost or stolen devices will be reported to the police by school administration.  It is the student’s responsibility to report a lost or stolen school-issued device to school authorities immediately.

4.     School-issued devices and cases must be returned to Kearney Catholic High School at the end of the school year.  Students who withdraw or terminate enrollment at Kearney Catholic High Schools for any reason must return their school-issued device and case on the date of termination.

5.     If a school-issued case is found to have permanent damage that is not consistent with normal wear and tear, the student will be assessed a damage fee, just as he/she would be for a damaged textbook.

6.     If a student fails to return the device and/or case at the end of the school year or upon termination of enrollment at KCHS, that student will be subject to criminal prosecution or civil liability.  The student will also pay the replacement cost of the device, or, if applicable, any insurance deductible.  Failure to return the device and/or case will result in a theft report being filed with the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Inappropriate Use of the Device and Case

Kearney Catholic High School reserves the right to define inappropriate use of the device as necessary.  The following rules serve as a guideline in determining inappropriate practices.  There may be other inappropriate uses as determined by school administration.

1.      Students should not place excessive weight on the lid of the device.

2.     Students should not erase, change, rename or make unusable computer files or software belonging to others i.e. Kearney Catholic High School.

3.     The student user shall not use or try to discover another’s password or use another person’s files.

4.     The student user shall not use a device for any unlawful purposes such as illegal copying or installation of software, or illegal use of music files.

5.     The student user shall not let others use his/her name, logon, password, or files for any reason.

6.     The use shall not deliberately use the device to annoy or harass others with language, images, innuendos, or threats in accordance with the Kearney Catholic High School's Policy on Bullying.

7.     The user shall not deliberately access or create any obscene or objectionable information, language, or images using the school-issued device.  All school-issued devices are equipped with mobile filters and anytime a user accesses the Internet, the device will be filtered.

8.     Devices may not be used to make video or audio recordings without the consent of those being recorded.

9.     Student users will not deface the device or case in any way (for example writing on either piece of equipment with pen or permanent marker, attaching stickers or tape that leaves any residue, etc.).

10. Chromebooks should be carried by either the handle or supporting the base. At no time, should the student move it by holding the monitor.

Reminder of Device Use Guidelines

Students, teachers, administrators, and employees are all part of an electronic community because of their common use of the school’s devices, equipment, and computer networks.  The Kearney Catholic Computer Use Policy describes acceptable behaviors in our electronic community.  The following guidelines summarize student responsibilities under that policy.  A copy of the full policy can be obtained from the Kearney Catholic High School Office.

1.     Students and their parents agree to these rules when they return the sheet signed by both parties at the beginning of the school year.  It is the student’s responsibility to know what the policy says.

2.     Computers and network access are provided for educational activities.  Inappropriate and illegal activities are prohibited at all times.

3.     Student network accounts give them access to what they will need for education.  Attempting to access unauthorized resources is prohibited.  This includes logging into the network whiles using someone else’s password, using programs to disable or go around network security, intentional introduction of computer malware, or interfering with another student’s ability to make use of their network account.

4.     Students should not store personal information in their account or on the school-issued device.

5.     Students should always log-out of the device as soon as they are finished using it.

6.     Students should not attempt to access Internet sites that have offensive or illegal content.  Students who feel that they have accidentally accessed an illegal site should contact a school staff member immediately to report this accidental access.

7.     Access to the technology systems provided by Kearney Catholic High School is a privilege, not a right.  The school district retains the authority to revoke access and/or apply disciplinary measures if the terms of the Acceptable Use Policy or Internet Use Agreement are violated.  Kearney Catholic High School exercises exclusive control over its technology systems.  Users expressly consent to monitoring by school officials and cannot expect privacy regarding device use.  Devices and accounts are subject to inspection at any time, including e-mail; file storage, and current activity.

8.     Students receive Internet access unless a parent or guardian has requested otherwise.

Federal law requires schools to block or filter offensive Internet materials.  Attempts to deliberately access such material will result in disciplinary action.  If a legitimate Internet source is blocked, preventing you from completing assigned work, ask your technology specialists to assess the site and potentially unblock it for you.  Additionally, while filters are in place, due to the high volume of Internet content becoming available each day, some inappropriate content may, for a short time, be available.  If students accidentally access such as site, they should report it to their teacher or technology specialist immediately.